The Story Behind TacFit

TacFit Solutions was born out of a need identified during Leon’s time in the Australian military. We wanted the ability to have a mobile strength and conditioning training facility that can be used outdoors in all weather conditions, in almost any location.

At TacFit Solutions, we have custom fitted a heavy duty strength and conditioning rig to the outside of one of our secure shipping containers. Open the container and you’ll find all the equipment that is commonplace in a large indoor gym, ready for use in the outdoor setting of your choice.

We pride ourselves on developing the first shipping container, outdoor training facility of its kind in Australia and personally ensure your order is to the highest manufacturing standard.

TacFit Solutions assembles all orders to ensure quality control before shipping to your location of choice.

Have a look through our standard range of 10 and 20-foot deployable strength training facilities, if they don’t suit your needs contact us and we will happily customize a unit to fit your specifications.


Director / Founder

In 2009, Leon enlisted in the Australian Defence Force. Once the initial training was complete, he advanced his career by joining the Australian Royal Engineers as a Combat Engineer. Leon went on further to test his abilities and decided to apply for a position with the Special Operations Engineering Regiment (SOER) where he was successful. This meant that in 2011 upon completing his reinforcement training cycle, he then entered Alpha SQN, where he trained completed pre-deployment training, allowing him to then become attached and deployed with the Special Air Service Regiment, (SASR). As their high-risk search & biometric enrolment element.

Leon Discharged from the Australian Defence Force in Oct 2014 to pursue his goals in the fitness industry while also working on his dream to build the ultimate deployable strength and conditioning training facility in 2016, when TacFit Solutions (TFS) was founded.
Leon’s strengths lie in product development and marketing, with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and 8 years in SOCOMD units. He can assure you TacFit Solutions has built the most advanced & robust piece of conditioning equipment in the Australian market.

  • Masters in Fitness

  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness

  • Level I and II Strength and Conditioning

“The Warrior Athlete is forged in the fire of intense unconventional workouts, hardened by a disciplined approach to physical conditioning, and sharpened by an unyielding pursuit of self-mastery.”